The astute and innovative team at Parramatta restaurant Ria Ayam Penyet have immersed themselves in a high-tech approach to present their renowned dishes to a wider base of loyal customers.

This Church Street family-owned business is a high-quality Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). The culinary creations of Ria Ayam Penyet are inspired by the produce and recipes of Indonesia and have been developed over decades. The owners say Ria is the taste of home, taste of spices – and most importantly the taste of Indonesia.

A modern approach to presenting a time-honoured cuisine has been central to the Ria business model for many years. The owners and their young, digital-savvy management team have been encouraged by recent experiences to modernise even further.

Ria Group owner Hana Tania, along with Parramatta store manager Syelna and marketing contact Cindy went all in with a digital approach.

They began with a re-evaluation of current procedures and engaged the Realise Business team to objectively test the strength of their operations and marketing. The Realise Business advisors were also asked to contribute to customer re-education, market positioning and communications.

Productive potential of high-tech approach

The Ria restaurant operations are based on very systemised internal procedures that enable them to produce consistently high-quality meals in short time frames.

The QSR uses a modern ordering method, which is mostly done through digital and QR codes, as well as online payments. During the recent lockdowns the many advantages of this modern approach became apparent to many businesses. Other advantages of a digital approach include the data automatically generated, which enables accurate ordering and monitoring of supplies and detailed customer profiles to enhance marketing.

More recently Ria experimented with a ‘robot waiter’ that intrigued customers and gained media attention.

Customer education is the key

Tim Noye from Realise Business points out, “While QSR has increased food service speeds, streamlined meal ordering and consumption, and updated and modernised food safety regulations, these improvements have also required restaurant operators to educate their patrons on how to order in the new age.”

Successful operators must ensure customers feel capable and comfortable enough with the new processes to keep ordering. The right outcome will benefit both customers and business owners.

Managing operations

Store manager Syelna sought the assistance of Realise Business in educating the business’s target audience using their digital QSR eating experience via Dine-in, takeout and online orders.

Syelna has been pleased with how Realise Business contributed to their new streamlined operations. “Tim has the ability to easily articulate operational improvements in all F&B aspects of the organisation in a way that we can understand and implement,” says Syelna.

Key achievements include Ria’s reassessment of all present practices. This resulted in a clear and up-to-date understanding of Ria’s position in the critical QSR industry and ensured new systems are effectively described and exhibited in-store or online.

Tim also gave targeted advice on how to research alternate income sources such as corporate drop-off catering and internal innovations like digital food waste solutions.

Syelna says, “Tim has really helped us in building and strengthening our business and has been extremely attentive throughout our relationship.”

Marketing modernity

The business owners were keen to make sure that Ria’s position as a QSR restaurant was clearly articulated in the marketplace, so that clients could take full advantage of the experience when ordering in-store.

Sara explains, “Their goals were to ensure that the marketing and in-store communications clearly explain the ordering and pick up process.” Trials of the robot to order and deliver food have already attracted customers, and the interest can be consolidated with a brand awareness campaign.

Sara commenced the marketing advisory with Ria by conducting a digital audit. They ranked very well but there was an opportunity to increase their listings, including the atparramatta listing. Sara also suggested creating more social media content for the Parramatta location and highlights on Instagram for each restaurant location.

Website changes were recommended, plus adding Google Analytics to establish where traffic and orders are coming from, so ad-spend return can be increased.

Sara also assisted Syelna and Cindy to brainstorm ideas for corporate lunchtime packages for local office workers in a competitive marketplace, including all the newcomers at Parramatta Square.

On track for increased brand awareness

The team sought to raise their brand awareness and update their comms about the QSR Ria experience.

Sara outlined how the ‘PESO model’ would work for their business:

  • Paid – Booking social media ads
  • Earned – Conducting a media/PR campaign with bloggers and influencers drawing media attention
  • Shared – Increasing shared views through organic social media content and more Google reviews
  • Owned – Strengthening SEO through the Ria website by offering engaging content and blog opportunities.

By strengthening the brand, Ria’s owners also hope to lay the grounds for expansion. Sara observes, “Their market positioning and branding strategy as a QSR will help them select future store locations.”

Results for Ria’s team

Since working with Realise Business, Ria’s team have achieved good business results. Tim says, “Due to time savings and efficiency gains, the considerable operational improvements had a beneficial impact on both the COGS and labour components of the restaurant.”

The team also gained a more streamlined and effective approach to marketing. Sara explains that “clear positioning in a competitive marketplace” has been important here. The clarity of Ria’s communications to customers when dining in or ordering in for quick takeaway has improved the customer experience and business results.

The business group can utilise the marketing data they have gained from the process, as well as the increased brand awareness. These will benefit any future expansion plans.

“Sara has been a huge help with Ria’s marketing, providing invaluable ideas and guidance,” comments Cindy. She has appreciated the additional expertise of Realise Business, and says, “They are great in explaining things, and helping us understand many aspects of business very clearly.”

To book your free appointment with a Realise Business Advisor, who can provide advice on modernising your Parramatta based business, contact Realise Business.

Special offer

Ria customers can enjoy a special offer. Enjoy a free side soup and drink when you spend at least $15 at Ria Parramatta (12pm to 5pm weekdays only). Offer can be redeemed through their online ordering website by adding the promo code “RIA-PARRAMATTA” during checkout. (Valid until August 2022)