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Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss and Tahl Raz

Having spent decades as an FBI negotiator, Chris Voss know better than anyone how to negotiate ‘as if your life depended on it’.  Voss wants to convince readers that negotiation is a critical part of everyday interactions — with your spouse, your boss, and your employees. Drawing on his experience working with terrorists and criminals, Voss presents a series of surprising negotiation tactics, to encourage the other person to say ‘yes’.



Business Ideas

WOBI – World of Business Ideas

WOBI is the home of actionable ideas from people shaping the business world. Check out its Facebook page for articles on up-to-date thinking or go to to view the latest talks from some of world’s most influential business thought leaders including:

  • Author and Internet of Things expert, David Rose speaking on how  technology is changing everyday objects into the ‘Enchanted Objects’ of fairy tales and science fiction
  • Head of Hospitality, Airbnb, Chip Conley on ‘How Airbnb Focuses on Their Customers Needs’
  • Author Chris McChesney on ‘Choosing The Best Strategy for You’
  • Entrepreneur Richard Branson on ‘Choosing the best talent’.

Business Podcast

Lior Stein, Director of Rimon Advisory – ‘Tapping into R&D tax incentives and export grants for small business’

R&D tax incentives and export grants are currently being under-utilised, and many small-business owners don’t realise that they are available or relevant to them when, in fact, they could offer their business a real shot in the arm and expand its horizons.

In this podcast, Lior Stein, Director of Rimon Advisory, discusses the government grants available to Australian start-ups and small businesses involved in research and development and exporting; and how you can go about applying for them.

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