One of our core goals is to “Energise business owners with education and expertise that will help motivate you to realise your goals.”

Realise Business provides our members the opportunity to attend short, practical sessions on topics that our members want to gain extra knowledge and expertise in. Digital marketing has been a strong focus so far, with education session topics such as ‘How to be effective in LinkedIn and Facebook’ and ‘XYZ’. Other popular education sessions have focused on business owners, for example ‘How to manage stress while running a business’

These engaging 1.5 hour sessions are held at least once per month, at various locations across Sydney. Based on member feedback, most sessions are scheduled for the mornings to minimise disruption to your day. Sessions are presented by experts in the field; including our own Advisors, external experts, and Realise Business members.

Member opportunity: Expert Presenter

We are seeking expressions of interest from members who would like to become an Expert Presenter at one of these sessions. This is an opportunity to share your knowledge and train our clients on your area of expertise. As well as helping to grow the knowledge within our business community, you will be able to share your business details with attendees who may be interested in working with you.

To maximise the exposure for this event and yourself, Realise Business are committed to promoting the Expert Talk via:

  • Short introduction and promotional spot at our regular Pub Biz events
  • Promotion on our digital assets including website, Facebook and emails
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Advisor referrals during 1:1 advice sessions

We will also guide you on how you can promote the event to your own network.

Note: images and copy related to the Talk to be used for marketing purposes are to be supplied by the member, with Realise Business providing guidelines on what is most effective.


Expert Presenter opportunities are offered to our Top 2 Membership Packages; Premium and Premium Plus

Premium Plus Members: Choose to be either an Expert Presenter OR secure a Spotlight Package at no additional charge.

Premium Members: Purchase an Expert Presenter Pack for $500.

Please ask for an ‘Expression of Interest’ Speaker Kit for more information.