Highlight Your Business

One of the key benefits of Realise Business Membership is the opportunity to promote yourself and your business to our highly engaged business community. This is of particular benefit to businesses with products or services aimed at the B2B community, or those B2C businesses with wide consumer appeal.

Our ‘New Look’ Spotlight packages offer members the opportunity to promote their business across a range of formats, including:

  1. 1 x 3min session at selected Pub Biz events: This will be an interview-style format led by our host. Using set questions, guests will have the opportunity to learn more about you and your business story. They will then be directed to other channels for more information.
  2. A promotional area at the event: This allows other members to connect with you during the event and can be more product-focused if desired.
  3. Special Member Offer: this is a special discount or value add from your business, that is exclusive for our members. The offer must be open for at least a one month period, and will be promoted on our website, across our social channels, and within our monthly email.


Opportunities to purchase a Spotlight Package are offered to our Top 2 Membership Packages; Premium and Premium Plus.

Premium Plus Members

Choose to be either an Expert Presenter OR secure a Spotlight Package at no additional charge.

Premium Members

Purchase a Spotlight Pack for $400. Discounts may apply if you choose to run across multiple venues in the same month.

Please email members@realise.business or call 9545 5900 for more information.