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Our team of highly experienced advisors and operations staff have the hands-on business skills and knowledge to help your business overcome obstacles and achieve success.


Our team of highly experienced advisors have the hands-on business skills and knowledge to help your business overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Adam Hetherington
Business Advisor

Adam has a wealth of experience buying and selling businesses nationally and internationally and has a passion for advising. Begining his career in sales, marketing and multi-site management, he moved into small business as a Franchisee and Franchisor in Australia, New Zealand and China. During that time he built expertise in start up planning, franchising, commercial leasing, P&L Management and exit planning.

Amanda Warrington
Business Advisor | Mastermind Facilitator

Amanda has owned and sold a variety of businesses over the last 20 years, and recognises from a business owner’s perspective, the value of tailored business advice and support. Amanda is incredibly passionate about working with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them achieve their goals and develop plans to take their business to the next level.

Anastasia Karakominakis
Business Advisor

Currently owns and operates her own business in the finance sector and has built a portfolio in which she has thousands of clients, offering over 15 years of experience and well developed industry knowledge with expertise in negotiation and financial data analysis. She has access to a wide range of financial products and services and an understanding of policies providing her with the ability to find a solution and systems.

Babette Bottin
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Babette is an expert in cyber risk management and data protection. A highly sought-after advisor, trainer and presenter in the world of cybersecurity, Babette has advised over 650 small businesses.
Living by the mantra ‘lost data means lost trust’, Babette is passionate about helping businesses and organisations of all sizes to protect their data, their clients’ data and ultimately their reputation.

Betsy Westcott
Business Advisor

With over 13 years of extensive experience in banking, financial services, and fintech, Betsy has vast experience in supporting businesses across NSW and beyond.
As an Access to Finance specialist, Betsy is your go-to resource for capital raising, debt finance, grant applications, strategic business advice and planning. Her expertise also encompasses sales strategies, scaling operations, media and investor engagement, and fostering strategic partnerships that drive growth and success.

Cathy Dimarchos
Business Advisor

In her three decades in finance and scaling businesses as well being a qualified Counsellor, to sharing knowledge that combines people, business, and situational skills to create impact and influence. She is committed to equipping people in Financial Literacy with a focus on Women and the future generation.

Chris Cassar
Business Advisor

Chris has a wealth of business management experience in both the corporate and small business markets, and has run his own business and marketing consulting practice specialising in small business. Over the last 15 years Chris has helped small businesses in a wide range of industries including IT, Medical Services, Legal service, Tourism, Building and Construction, Allied Health Services, Retail, Fashion and Entertainment.

Christopher Wilborn
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Chris is a results-driven leader with a wealth of knowledge derived from his more than two decades in the NGO, corporate and government sectors. As a current business owner, from his prior work as a growth-minded CEO and a background working with disability organisations, Chris is deeply passionate about the NDIS, small business community and the central role they play in the fabric of our society.

Judy Hendricks
Business Advisor

In her 21 years of business banking and retail banking experience, Judy has managed relationship portfolios with tens of thousands of customers across a range of industries such as import and export, wholesale and retail, aged care and health care, professional services, tourism, transportation, manufacture, pharmaceuticals, property construction, development and investment.

Densie Archie
Business Advisor

A Facilitator, Executive Coach, Speaker, Author and Educator with a deep commitment and passion for learning. She began her career as a Primary teacher, then High School where her entrepreneurial flair took hold. She developed the concept of School Based Traineeship and moved into Vocational Education and Training. Denise is passionate about empowering people to ‘take action’ to direct their life’ doing what makes their heart sing.

Geoff Silk
Business Advisor | Mastermind Facilitator

Geoff is a businessman and coach who provides business advice based on many years of experience working with new, developing and established businesses. He interacts diligently with business owners selling products and/or services, to achieve their aspirations and goals. His pragmatic approach has helped hundreds of businesses to flourish and perform successfully. Geoff is also a faciliator of a Realise Business Mastermind group.

Patch Clunes
Business Advisor

Patch is a Coach and Consultant, passionate about educating and empowering business owners and leaders to build successful businesses as she believes that great businesses have a positive impact on our communities and society. As a coach, Patch spends all of her time helping business owners learn how to run their businesses, build healthy teams, drive growth, and most importantly – live a balanced life.

Liza Taylor
Specialist Digital Solutions Advisor

Liza is a marketing specialist and has spent her career working for some of Australia’s most loved brands – 3M, George Weston Foods, Pacific Brands and Sheridan Australia, Hunter Douglas, Luxaflex and ActronAir. With a unique blend of technical acumen and a solid business foundation, Liza brings together these elements to offer creative solutions for her clients.

Megan Hauptfleisch
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Highly strategic, commercially savvy, and results-focused, Megan has 30 years of marketing management and business experience. As a business advisor and consultant Megan has helped hundreds of businesses from across a diverse range of industry sectors.
Megan is known for turning “vision into action” with innovative plans and tactics that drive sustainable commercial results.

Nathan Moses
Business Advisor

Nathan has hands-on restaurant marketing experience growing his own restaurants customer base through social media marketing and email marketing strategies which saw him exit the business with a 10,000+ strong database of engaged, loyal customers. Nathan’s small business experience includes owning and operating Casoni Restaurant in Darlinghurst, Sydney for six years.

Sara Berry
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Sara is a creative marketing and advertising professional with over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about helping businesses connect with their customers through meaningful and impactful marketing campaigns.
Sara began her career in London, where she was mentored by some of the original admen. She quickly learned the importance of creativity, strategy, and execution in marketing.

Pulkit Agrawal
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Pulkit has built a solid foundation in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for over 15 years. Recognised as one of the Top 20 Australian Digital Marketers in 2022 by The Australian Business Journal, he has demonstrated consistent success in his field. Throughout his professional journey, Pulkit has collaborated with a wide range of brands across diverse industries, strengthening his reputation as a reliable SEO advisor.

Rich Evans
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Rich is one of the original pioneers in Australia of using the internet for business. In 1997, he built his first website and started his agency, REDD in 2000. He has designed and built over 500 websites. Richs’ first book, “Click Here – A guide to making the internet work for business”, was published in 2009 and led to him hitting the national speaking circuit. He fast became an audience favourite for his ability to take complex technology solutions and explain them in a way that was fun and easy to understand.

Russell Pearson
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

With 25 years experience in Brand Strategy, Marketing and Sales, Russell has worked across just about every industry there is. His first professional promotional work began in 1995 which gave him experience in direct mail marketing, creative design and he was on the forefront of the growth of the internet working in a number of agencies before starting his own in 2005.

Therese Tarlinton
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Therese Tarlinton is so passionate about small business owners collaborating on marketing, that she wrote the book on how to do it. SWAP! Marketing without Money flew into the Amazon #1 Best Seller in Small Business spot and has ignited a movement where brands are gaining visibility, industry credibility, and improved profitability by working together. Therese knows what it feels like to be a small business owner and has advised many over the last 15 years.

Simon Gould
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Simon is a passionate digital marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience helping businesses and individuals achieve their online goals. He has a proven track record of success in driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales. For more than two decades, he’s worked with some of Australia’s largest (and smallest) brands supporting their online objectives.

Sue Walsh
Business Advisor

Sue is an experienced marketer with over 20 years of experience across marketing strategy and execution, agency leadership and business development.
She started out working with marketing agencies in the UK, delivering strong consumer and business campaigns across multiple channels before she made the move to Sydney.
Sue enjoys working on tailored solutions for individual businesses and making a difference to long term goals.

Syane Macedo
Business Advisor

Syane brings more than 16 years’ experience in retail management and business administration. In the last few years, Syane has focussed on building her expertise in marketing strategy, graphic design and social media management; utilising these as powerful sales and business expansion tools. Syane is a versatile professional with well-developed planning, organisational, multi-tasking and leadership skills.

Yesica Alfonso
Business Advisor

Yesica has a mission to empower small businesses and startups to unlock their full potential so they can thrive and make the most out of the digital era. For over 6 years, she has made an impact in the industry by being the voice of truth for businesses and startups. Yesica has a background in Strategic Marketing through Google and Facebook Ads, Website Analytics, and Graphic Design and she enjoys sharing this knowledge with small businesses to help them succeed.

Tim Noye
Business Advisor | Digital Expert

Our F&B expert Tim Noye has worked his way from the ground up and has over 23 years diverse industry knowledge. He can help you with general costings and budgeting, improving efficiencies, menu design and execution, creating company and team KPI’s, staff retention, driving new business, OH&S, industry expectation and general compliance. Tim is a down to earth advisor committed to helping your hospitality business in any way he can.

Tristan Scifo
Business Advisor

A business leader who’s committed to helping people heal, get equipped to make great life & financial decisions, and raise & nurture incredible kids. He’s worked as a coach for over 15 years and a qualified financial adviser for more than 10 years. Tristan is director of Purpose Advisory, an innovative life coaching & financial advice business bringing scalable and affordable advice to young Australians.

Wayne Wanders
Business Advisor

Wayne has been a fully qualified Chartered Accountant for over 35 years. The last 20 of these years has been working one on one with start-ups and other small and medium business owners as a trusted business advisor. Skilled in analysing business financial performance and cash flow. This in turn allows Wayne to help business owners to understand the real drivers of their business so they pull the right levers to profitably grow their business.

Martin Rogers
Chief Executive Officer

Martin holds an extensive background and certification in Business, Marketing, and Strategy with over 20 years’ experience specialising in Strategic Thinking, Business Growth, Leadership and Team Development, across a number of industries. Martin utilises a collaborative leadership style and has a thirst for problem solving, understanding the latest trends and identifying the uniqueness that gives businesses their edge.

Mark McCrea
Chief Operations Officer

Mark McCrae stands out as a highly efficient Operations professional, known for his strategic oversight and management prowess within the corporate landscape. With years of experience under his belt, Mark has become synonymous with operational excellence, streamlining processes to enhance productivity and drive sustainable growth. Mark's forward-thinking approach and unwavering commitment to excellence have solidified his reputation as a cornerstone of operational success.

Razz Khan
Chief Marketing Officer

With over a decade of experience, Razz has a proven track record of driving growth and enhancing the digital footprint of various brands across multiple industries. His expertise spans across SEO, PPC, content marketing, social media strategies, and analytics. Razz is known for his innovative approaches to solving complex marketing challenges. Razz's passion for digital marketing, combined with his commitment to client success, makes him a valuable asset to any team looking to elevate their digital presence..

Greg Kay
Chief Commercial Officer

Greg has more than 25 years success in working with many for the development and implementation of growth strategies for businesses by building strong relationships through effective partnerships. Greg constantly strives for opportunities to have a positive influence in the personal and business lives of the people he works with.

Chris Wilborn
Contracts Manager And Advisor

Chris is a results-driven leader with a wealth of knowledge derived from his more than two decades in the NGO, corporate and government sectors. As a current business owner, from his prior work as a growth-minded CEO and a background working with disability organisations, Chris is deeply passionate about the NDIS, small business community and the central role they play in the fabric of our society.

Lindsay Munns

As a long term member of the Realise Business Board, Lindsay has temporarily stepped into this key role to facilitate the changeover of Chief Executive as part of our CEO succession strategy. Additionally he is busy leading the roll out of a major new Government contract that will take Realise Business up to the next level of its vital place in the NSW Small Business Advisory scene.

Marisa Barresi
Office / Client Coordinator
- Business Connect

Shanice Bangar
Events / Client Coordinator - Digital Solutions

Mona Bucog
Event Coordinator

Over the past 12 years, Mona has honed her skills in customer service, specializing in managing and addressing a wide range of customer needs. She’s dedicated to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction. Her experiences have helped her develop skills that assist organizations in achieving their goals. Her ultimate aim is to help them focus on what they love, and she will take care of the rest!

Hon. Katrina Hodgkinson

The Hon Katrina Hodgkinson is Director of Government and Regulatory Affairs at Australia’s Academic and Research Network, and is a Chair and Director on several Boards, both for profit and NFPs.

As a Member of Parliament, Katrina Hodgkinson represented regional communities across a broad sector of Central and Southern NSW for nearly twenty years. Katrina was the NSW Government’s first female Minister for Primary Industries (including Lands and Water). She was also Minister for Small Business and Assistant Minister for Tourism and Major Events. Katrina was the inaugural Parliamentary Secretary for Southern NSW and is a former Shadow Minister for Natural Resource Management, Community Services, Families, Child Safety, Rural Affairs, Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and Fair Trading. She is also former Chair of the NSW Government’s Investment, Industry and Regional Development Committee.

Prior to entering parliament, Katrina owned and operated retail stores specialising in wool and natural fibres in regional NSW. She was a Ministerial Adviser in the Howard Government, taught at NSW Colleges of TAFE, managed project evaluations for property development companies, and worked at both the ASX (Sydney) and the Commonwealth Department of Transport. With a strong rural background and based in the Greater Sydney Area, Katrina continues to serve her community as both a Justice of the Peace and as a Member of the Belgenny Farm Expert Advisory Committee. Katrina is a Patron of the national Justice Reform Initiative.

Adrian Brock

Adrian has held the Finance Role on the Realise Business Board since 2014, and is a partner of ‘CFO On-Call’ which provides business and financial management advice to business owners.

Adrian was formerly Chief Operating Officer of The Griffin Group, Partner in the Corporate Finance Division of Deloitte, and has a broad range of corporate advisory, investigation and accounting experience spanning 50 years. Adrian has a passion for working with SME business owners to help drive profit and growth by focussing on key drivers of their business and preparing action plans to achieve their goals.

Ilona Hunnisett
Company Secretary

Ilona is a senior lawyer with over 10 years experience advising on general corporate, mergers and acquisitions, equity capital market transactions, governance and foreign investment matters. Ilona works on a broad range of transactions from seed investments, start ups, private equity transactions and public takeovers.

Her clients value her commerciality, tenacity and proactive approach reflecting her prior experience in commercial focused roles and across multiple industries.

Angela Fiumara
Board Member

Angela is an Associate Director at Iceni Group, a boutique management consulting business.

Angela has more than 30 years’ experience in private, public sector and NFP organisations covering transport, resources, utilities, construction, and business and industry. A communications and corporate affairs specialist, she has held senior and executive leadership roles with Business NSW, BHP, Transport for NSW, Inland Rail and Essential Energy.

Prior to joining Iceni Group, Angela was Executive Director, Policy and Public Affairs for Business NSW where she led the development and delivery of research, policy and advocacy initiatives to support NSW businesses during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University Canberra, and brings a range of Board and Committee experience, including as Director of the Industrial Capability Network, Director of the Australian Commerce and Industry and Chair and member of several industry and government committees.

Colin Devine
Board Member

Colin is an experienced thought leader who has 25 years of experience advising businesses on strategic transformational change made possible through technology. He currently works as a Managing Director at PwC Australia, and is part of the technology consulting leadership, guiding leading Australian Public, Private and NFP organisations in their digital transformations.