Nadine Donazzan from DNA Design reignited her passion for business, with clear goals, a focused strategy and a commitment to meet future challenges head-on after being referred to Realise Business by a friend.

Established for seven years, DNA Design provides expert colour palette advice, colour solutions and interior design services to a wide variety of clients. A member of Master Painters Australia, Nadine has an expert knowledge of the latest colour and design trends.

Nadine hit a roadblock in her colour design business and until Realise Business offered help and encouragement, she was unclear about her future, commenting “I had given up, actually I didn’t know I had given up, but I was scattered with no direction”.

Nadine worked with Advisor, Amanda Warrington to put structure into her business. Together they created achievable goals, established income targets, set timeframes and updated her LinkedIn profile.

Nadine subsequently accomplished a 100% increase in business last financial year through her commitment to rebuilding. Nadine’s confidence was also boosted when she was presented with The Colour Maestro Award for Residential Exterior.

Despite this year’s disruptions, Nadine is confident, “This business is my creation and I know I will do all it takes to sustain and grow during this turbulent time – better than ever”.

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