An express pathway to an 8 figure turnover!

Just recently, I met with an incredible young businessman who had a vision to build an ecommerce business. As his vision grew, he set his sights on the beauty industry as a target market and his business, Happy Skin Co, was born.

The inspirational entrepreneur I’m speaking of is, Dylan Mullan, who created an online business with his business partner George, early last year. After sourcing and white labelling their product, an IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset, they commenced trading as a side-hustle in April 2018. Two months later, a side-hustle no longer, Happy Skin Co. opened a small warehouse in Dylan’s local neighbourhood and hired their first employee.

Fast forward to July 2019 and Happy Skin Co. has turned over more than $15 million since their launch and has a team of eleven. Of course, the first thing I asked when I met Dylan is how did you achieve such rapid growth even with a strong product? Dylan’s answer, in a nutshell: Market research, strong execution, and Social Influence combined!

I’m pleased to announce we’ve been fortunate enough to secure Dylan to be our next guest speaker in our Breakfast with an Entrepreneur series at the Sydney Tattersalls Club on 29th August. Dylan is passionate about his achievement – using the power of social media to boost his product sales and reach. He has kindly volunteered his time to share his story, his knowledge and some tips and tricks on how you can leverage this channel for your own business, regardless of your target market.

I guarantee you’ll take a lot away from Dylan’s story as he shares with us how achievable a dream can be when you set your mind to it. Aside from his ambition and drive, Dylan is armed with a wealth of knowledge on how to promote and grow a sustainable ecommerce business and he’s eager to share his learnings with you at our upcoming breakfast.

I found Dylan to be an incredibly inspirational person with so much knowledge to share which we can all learn from! Tickets for this breakfast have been selling at a record pace so it’s worth securing your ticket early.

I believe this will be our biggest and most uplifting breakfast yet – I hope you can make it!                                                       

                  Warm regards,



                Jacqui Attard
Chief Executive Officer