How Parramatta’s Dining Precinct can Create Location Envy While Contributing to Building a Thriving Community

Leaders make our towns and cities, and if you lead, you can define a community for generations to come. If you care about the future of your community, through the exercise of visionary business leadership and citizenship you can help make Parramatta a ‘gotta live/work/be there’ destination.

With many cities around the world dying in a sea of ‘sameness’ trying to be all things to all people, there is a way to reinvent a city, grow what truly defines that place and consciously choose to be great at something specific. Parramatta’s Dining Precinct could well be ‘that something specific’ by staking a claim such as Food Soul of Sydney’s West.” (To learn more about ‘staking a claim’, check out  ‘Town Inc. – Grow Your Business, Save Your Town, Leave Your Legacy’ by Andrew M. Davis)

In order to breathe life and credibility into such a claim, it is first necessary to have and bring together a cluster of like-minded visionary food and beverage business leaders who have same commercial, marketing and leadership goals.

Not surprisingly, over the last few months our business advisors have discovered business owners have a strong desire to grow their businesses. Wisely, these owners recognise that lifting the profile of Parramatta as a ‘dining destination’ will ultimately lift their businesses. To this end, Realise Business is facilitating a first session of the Parramatta Restaurateurs Collaborative on June 4 at Bay Vista Dessert Bar and Café.

Benefits of collaborations between like-minded clusters of business have obvious individual human benefits for participants. These include:

  • Enjoyable social friendships
  • Self-development mentorships
  • Networking to develop your personal profile and brand influence
  • An opportunity for the food businesses to communicate and productively exert their marketing creativity and self-determination for the benefit of all in the group

Perhaps most significant in Parramatta’s situation are the less obvious but powerful benefits of a collective. These include:

  • Reducing individual marketing costs through the shared costs of co-operative marketing
  • Building the profile of the Parramatta Dining Precinct through a group-determined and supported branding strategy
  • Accessing state and local Government grants only open to not for profits, small business and special purpose clusters
  • Spearheading the development of a culinary tourism industry in Western Sydney
  • Capitalising on the exponential growth in global culinary tourism
  • Gaining representation and promotion as an attraction with Destination NSW
  • Having an influential voice to local government policy and decision makers
  • Having a well-oiled mechanism to engage with the visual and performing arts community for the benefit of the gastronomic arts community in the Parramatta Dining Precinct as the Powerhouse Museum construction and Riverside Theatre re-development are completed

Register Free here to attend this First for Parramatta Restaurateurs!