How to flourish in the age of E-Comm

If you own and operate a shop, you will know that the last few years have been a little bit tough for the retail sector. Shops have been affected by online shopping and big mall shopping experiences. But this online boom has left people wanting…wanting experiences – people, especially, women love to see, touch and feel – tactile experiences are more important than ever.

One local business owner has seen a growth in clients and profits despite the recent boom in online. Many of her loyal customers are like family, as a women’s fashion shop she knows what type of colours and styles suit her customers and she knows exactly where to source them. She is like a personal shopper for her clients. She has her customers’ mobile numbers and sends out individual messages with photo attachments with her personally hand-picked new season outfits that she knows they will love.

She knows who her customers are. She welcomes each of them by name when they come in to the shop, and as she assembles their carefully selected outfits in the changing room, she flicks the kettle on and makes a cuppa for them to sip while they try-on.

She knows that being known by everyone isn’t going to get the tills ringing, she is very clear on one thing – being the right thing for the right person; the outfit choosing, the assembling and texting of outfits that she knows her clients will love (her commitment to keeping up with trends is given away by her big pile of the latest fashion mags from all over the world), – she knows exactly how to show and tell her customers that she is the business for them and all their needs.

One of her client testimonials says ‘she knows my taste and what looks good on me – the outfits she puts together makes me feel…like me – she makes me look like my best self!’

So, if you have a small marketing budget and limited time and resources, you must get really clear on who you serve and what your customers want from you.

Remember – not everyone is your customer!  To make your bricks and mortar store work in 2019 just focus on one thing!

What does your business offer?

Our women’s fashion shop owner helps time poor women, who know what suits them find outfits for each season. Her customer doesn’t want to go from shop to shop trying things on, or waste time shopping online to get a parcel full of ill-fitting unsuitable clothes! They just want to look good and on-trend without the hassle!

They want a personal service.

In a world of technology people are craving personalisation; real personable interactions; a cup of coffee delivered to the changing room, a friendly chat, and the excited buzz from catching their reflection in the perfect outfit – delivered by someone who knows their stuff and wants to help.

You don’t need to find more ways to make everyone see your store, you just need to find ways to make the right people love what you offer.

– This article was written by Sara Berry. To know more about Sara Berry please click here.