Parramatta store owner Rab is keen to develop new business growth strategies. Commitment to a powerful omni-channel marketing strategy has expanded his store’s capacity to reach and retain more customers and increase sales.

The Edge Supplement and Nutrition, Rab Mehajer’s Macquarie Street store, has been in Parramatta for more than two decades.

Rab has considerable knowledge of the health and fitness industry. A former Olympic weightlifter, he is currently the state president for the International Bodybuilding Association (ICN). He is also in favour of seeking tactical business advice to help expand his supplement and nutrition company.

Tactical campaigns with Realise Business

More than a year ago, Rab began working with Realise Business to meet the challenges presented by the impact of foot traffic resulting from Parramatta Light Rail construction and then Covid-19 restrictions. Business advisor Sara Berry has continued to assist Rab’s business throughout the lockdown periods, and he has appreciated her support and ideas.

“I enjoy my regular check-in sessions with Sara – she keeps me focused on achieving my goals for the business and in the future,” said Rab. “She is a great sounding board and keeps me to task when I have so many projects competing for my time.”

Sara highlighted tactical campaigns for The Edge that included maximising the online demand for supplements during lockdown and developing a healthy ‘Breakfast 2 Go’ offer for PLR construction workers.

Their recent focus has been on developing an omni-channel marketing strategy to make it easier for customers of The Edge to buy from them, no matter what platform they are on. Various options to browse and purchase – in-store and digital – will increase customer retention rates and attract future sales.

Omni-channel advantages

An omni-channel strategy makes a business more responsive to changing customer patterns in a volatile and uncompromising retail environment. Balancing the strengths of a bricks and mortar store, social media accounts and a website will bolster existing customer relationships and broaden the customer base.

The Edge uses social media and their website, coupled with the in-store experience, to showcase products and enable customers to view and buy items easily.

Further increasing its digital capabilities will enable The Edge to reach more consumers across Australia, extending the customer base way past the Parramatta shopfront.

Cost-effective sales and marketing

Advisor Sara also worked with Rab to develop the sales and marketing capabilities. Sara explains, “We undertook a competitive analysis during the first lockdown in 2020, which assisted with The Edge’s overall market positioning.”

Their current sales and marketing plan leverages the store’s legacy and Rab’s in-depth health and fitness industry knowledge.

Some of the plans they worked on included:

  • Focusing on their ‘ideal client’ and the experiences and challenges the client would face on their customer journey
  • Researching their market position in an increasingly competitive sector
  • Reviewing sales data to determine cost-effective targeting for both SEO and social media advertising to plan paid media for their campaign to acquire and retain the best clients.

Rab commented, “It was vital to create cost-effective advertising campaigns to our prospects and clients based on keeping them, so we are very focused on attracting the right clients and keeping them over the long term.”

Omni-channel tactics

Sara and Rab reviewed the digital marketing strategy and how it worked in tandem with the store. They identified the need to ensure that the self-serve and customised in-store advice worked together. 

The tactics they chose to target include:

  • Gaining awareness, leads and sales through paid digital marketing that is cost-effective
  • Building relationships through their social media platforms
  • Regular posting on social media to encourage customers to get in touch for advice but also order easily online
  • Enhancing the website for optimal sales
  • Improving in-store conversions by determining customer needs through good service and advice, following up with product recommendations and encouraging website use for ongoing client orders.

Rab was happy to action the plans, observing, “This meant making sure that all our digital platforms and in-store experience were optimised for a great customer experience and retaining clients – through providing the best advice tailored to the individual’s goals.”

Strategy takes shape

Put into practice, the customer-centric plans are starting to make a difference.

Rab said, “Our clients can come in-store or online, and our trained customer support team members can guide them on the products needed to support their health and wellness goals. The client can then set up an auto-delivery shopping program.

 “It’s been great to watch our omni channel strategy take shape. It’s important to us that our customers are able to shop when they want, where they want, and how they want”.

Future celebrations

Rab is looking forward to continuing to work with Realise Business, particularly on a project to celebrate the store’s 24 years in Parramatta in 2022 with a “we know what you need” birthday marketing campaign. Rab’s initial vision “to build the most customer-friendly store so we can provide the best products and service” has succeeded with a great physical and digital shopping experience. Rab’s mission for 2022 is to “really crank up the omni channel experience” for The Edge customers.

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If you would like your Parramatta based business to have the omni-channel edge, contact a Realise Business adviser today.