As most Parramatta business owners know, there is nothing constant about owning and running a business. Customer preferences change, economic conditions fluctuate, and technology continues to offer new and exciting opportunities.

Both Westmead Foot Clinic and the Imperial Gluten Free Bakery have been taking positive steps, working with Realise Business advisors on an ongoing basis to meet the changing environment head-on. They have found new cost savings and created operational efficiencies, strengthening their businesses for the long haul.

Westmead Foot Clinic’s new website

Third generation podiatrist Amelia Fryc from Westmead Foot Clinic began working with Realise Business Advisor Sue Walsh about fifteen months ago on a digital marketing plan to boost customer retention. A key component of the plan involved reviewing the effectiveness of Amelia’s current strategies, including the value she was getting from her marketing spend. 

Amelia and Sue identified that the business was spending more than $500 a year on a very old and dated web page linked to their ‘white pages’ online listing. As well as failing to promote the business properly, the old web page was very dated, and it didn’t highlight the benefits of the professional and caring clinic. It also didn’t allow for easy content updates or other integrations to assist with customer service.

Sue advised Amelia that a new WordPress site would be a great “first stepping stone of a new digital marketing strategy to raise the profile of the business in the local area”.  It would also be a more efficient and effective way to spend her marketing budget.

Amelia found the review to be useful and productive. “Sue has helped me identify solutions in areas of my business where I have spent money in the past on underperforming marketing strategies,” says Amelia.

As the current web page was up for renewal, Sue advised Amelia to use WordPress to build a new website. This user-friendly platform makes it easier for businesses to make content updates when needed. It would also be more appealing to customers, with the easily navigated site allowing customers to learn more about Westmead Foot Clinic services, customer reviews and contact details.

Amelia is planning to launch the website this month. She is pleased with Sue’s advice, commenting, “She has become an invaluable mentor and business coach as I am upgrading my current business website. We really appreciate the help and knowledge that Sue has offered our business – especially with marketing, as this is not my strength.”

Good foot health is a key component in the care of diabetic patients and in September, when you book in for a general consultation, Westmead Foot Clinic are offering a diabetic foot assessment and a report/plan for your GP at no additional cost.
The assessment includes risk factor identification in both the diabetic patient’s history and physical examination, foot care education, treatment, and referrals as needed.

Call us to book your appointment on 9689 1665.

Imperial Gluten Free Bakery’s Operational Review

Identifying ways to strengthen the business for an uncertain environment was a key reason that Danny Haddad from Rydalmere’s Imperial Gluten Free Bakery sought timely advice from Realise Business Advisor Tim Noye. 

While Tim has previously worked with Danny to make positive changes to his business, Danny was keen to continue to grow sustainably by identifying where he was spending money in the business without knowing or measuring the outcomes.

Tim proposed that they collectively investigate group and bulk prepping to stabilise labour and overheads, and improve cashflow where possible. They did this by tailoring an automated operational modelling dashboard to measure where operational costs could be minimised without sacrificing quality.

The operational modelling dashboard also empowered Danny by allowing him to look at multiple operational set-up options and then measure the results. Using the platform to model different outcomes allowed him to test and measure the correct impact before making the changes in his business.

Danny is thrilled with how the new tool allows him to explore efficiencies right across the business, commenting, “Again, Tim has far exceeded my expectations. He seems to be able to sense and advise on what may ‘actually help’ without unnecessary debate. He’s a dynamic bloke! The operational modelling dashboard has really made things easier for me and for knowing where to spend my time.”

Both Sue Walsh and Tim Noye are available for free advisory sessions to help Parramatta businesses discover new cost-saving initiatives in their businesses. To find out how they can help you, book your free advisory session today.