Parramatta business Titan Migration has been effectively navigating the ‘new’ marketplace armed with a targeted sales and marketing strategy, developed in consultation with Realise Business Advisor Sara Berry.

The strategy has not only equipped the migration consultancy with the resilience it requires during the COVID-19 pandemic, it also improved sales growth, increased online consultations, helped to identify the ‘right’ client for their services and increased visits to the website by 60%. The strategy also helped Titan Migration’s directors, Kaliyann Rath and Peter Chang decide on the right communication channels to meet changing circumstances.

As an immigration consultancy specialising in visa application services and immigration advice, Titan Migration had an established website, Google Search and social media presence to promote their business. However, directors Kaliyann and Peter soon recognised that these digital channels were only foundation elements of what they needed to successfully grow their business and target the right customers.

They were also receiving some enquiries, but actual sales were limited and many people phoning the office were not prepared to pay for their professional advice, expecting it for free.

Kaliyann and Peter knew their services had real value if they could reach their ideal client.

Recognising they needed business advice, they approached Sara Berry from Realise Business to help them lay the important groundwork that has set their business up for success, particularly in the current COVID-19 environment.

The process of working with Sara involved weekly catch-ups with tasks set for completion before the next session. Working this way, Kaliyann and Peter were able to break down what need to be done and adjust as the business environment changed fairly quickly due to COVID-19.

Research was an important component of shaping their business plans, helping them understand what was unique about their service. This research aided the development of their Brand Statement to appeal to their customers.

Analysing the research underpinned the vital task of identifying their ideal customer. “While we had done a fair bit of research beforehand, Sara was able to bring all our research together to help us make sense of it and lead us in the direction of converting people into clients”, Kaliyann said.

Some of the actions that Kaliyann and Peter developed in consultation with Sara Berry included:

  • Researching and analysing customer patterns to help them identify their ideal customer, separating real customers from ‘tyre-kickers’ who will never pay for advice
  • Researching to understand their ideal customer’s needs and preferred communication channels
  • Developing a Brand Statement that reflected their unique selling point
  • Putting their customers at the centre of all planning
  • Getting their messaging right with targeted and relevant blog content
  • Updating content on their website and social media so that it assists customers with relevant information
  • Using their knowledge and love of technology to offer video/phone consultations instead of face-to-face meetings.

Kaliyann and Peter were able to make adjustments due to the groundwork they had laid before COVID-19 restrictions in exploring technology suited to their customers. When the government began enacting fast-moving social distancing measures their business could respond fairly rapidly to the resulting changes in customer patterns.

This included:

  • The ability to offer virtual consultations immediately, as they were already set up to cater for customers in this way
  • Keeping customers informed through social media channels like Facebook and their website to provide up-to-date news and maintain connections

Their business has now experienced a spike in calls and sign-ups from customers who fit the profile of their ideal client.

Having set their company the goal of becoming a leading immigration consultancy, Titan Migration is looking forward to the future. Peter commented on the journey with Realise Business, “We now have a clear understanding of who we are as a business and what we offer as initially we went in thinking we could do everything and anything.”

The support of Realise Business has been especially valuable during the pandemic. Peter added, “We couldn’t have imagined making sales during COVID-19 without the help of Sara’s advice. I’m looking forward to when international borders are open again and seeing the real impact of those strategies we have put in place”.

Peter expressed optimism about Titan Migration’s future, “While it is a bit tougher during COVID-19 to convert people, knowing that we are on the right track with Sara’s strategy in place, it’s definitely looking brighter on the other side.”

Do you know your ideal customer? Book your appointment with a Realise Business Advisor today who will help you with the steps you need to take to find out.