Code Red Laser is an innovative Parramatta business where customers are plunged into a fun laser tag game that is designed to challenge their stamina and skills.

The team at Code Red Laser have recently updated their marketing activities to meet the new environment with great results.

Emerging from the tough 2020 pandemic period and heading optimistically towards the Christmas school holiday season, owner Dax Kerai recognised that the business demanded a new strategy, commenting “we really needed some professional marketing help, some fresh insights, and an outside perspective.” Realise Business were able to provide the strategic expertise.

Dax met with Realise Business advisor Sara Berry, who conducted a situation analysis and then advised on improvements to Code Red Laser’s marketing, explaining how to best promote its unique offering and re-engage existing customers.

Marketing issues and solutions

Realise Business reviewed Code Red Laser’s ideal client, their competition, and their current capabilities. Sara worked with them on developing a compelling marketing message and competitive advantage for three different ideal client ‘personas’ – specific customer types associated with profit generation for the business.

By tracing the customer journey of the three personas, she identified pain points – such as a hard-to-find shopfront, and website issues hindering conversions to sales. She was then able to suggest tailored solutions. Consultations with a digital advertising specialist also helped determine the most cost-effective and optimal advertising options.

Peak moments – a key marketing strategy

One key marketing strategy for a business based on ‘experiences’ is to create ‘peak moments’ that your customers will be eager to share – through word of mouth including social media connections. Code Red Laser has now delivered this by encouraging user generated content from their key target market – Gen Z on Snap Chat and Tik Tok.

Locking in a Christmas season plan

Code Red Laser had recently secured a liquor licence and wanted to develop their corporate/team building packages to promote in time for the Christmas and holiday season. Dax and Sara looked at marketing strategies to best offer value to the corporate sector for their event and team building needs. This process included making discovery calls and prospecting to determine the features of the corporate packages.

Customer safety front and centre

Dax had already spent the last few months developing and perfecting their COVID-19 Safety Plan so they could meet the need of their customers in a safe and relevant way and Sara worked on clearly communicating this to their existing and prospective clients.


Dax believes that, “Sara is a trusted advisor and has a wealth of knowledge. She has given me a clear path on areas of the business where I was struggling to find a way. Our meetings are focused, Sara never gives general advice, all her strategies, tactics and recommendations are applicable to my unique business challenges.”

Like the immersive game experience at Code Red Laser running a business at the present time will require an agile approach backed up by a great strategy.

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