Unwrapping the Secrets to Successful Christmas Trading

As we head into the spring and summer months there is no denying that 2020 has been a year like no other. For businesses and their customers, it has been a wild and unpredictable ride filled with a mixture of change and uncertainty, but also opportunity. 

The agility of Parramatta business owners in addressing COVID-19 health challenges, pivoting to seize new opportunities and diversifying products and services reflects all that is good about entrepreneurship and the resilience of small business owners.

We can already see changes in the way that customers are spending, the impact of consumer confidence and the importance of online engagement.

Facebook has recently released a global marketing guide that highlights trends and insights that are likely to shape this season and beyond. One key finding is that customers now want “affordability, authenticity and action” when making purchase decisions.

So, how are you going to navigate the new environment to attract customers during this very different Christmas and holiday period?

Here are a few tips to help you build a responsive and flexible plan:

Discover new ideas

October is NSW Small Business Month and there is a wide variety of free and low-cost online events designed to help you re-boot your business, discover new ideas and learn more.  You can review and register for a wide variety of online events right across New South Wales here.

Develop an agile and relevant marketing and sales plan

A focus on enhancing your digital presence is key to attracting and servicing customers during this busy time. The good thing about digital communications is that changes can be made in a relatively cost-effective way and information can be added very quickly.

Plan for holiday season promotions by working with a Realise Business Advisor to leverage online sales opportunities for your business, ensuring your marketing message hits the right targets. Read about the successful marketing plan that Parramatta’s Code Red Laser has built with the help of Realise Business Advisor, Sara Berry. You can book your free advisory session here

An agile marketing and sales plan also involves developing a pricing strategy that reflects the new uncertainty. Be flexible and run through all the scenarios that might play out, especially during your busy season and the quiet time that may follow. Also, think about affordability in terms of what customers may be willing to pay. To help you analyse this information you can book a free advisory session with a Realise Business Advisor here.

Get involved in local promotions

Transport for NSW is also celebrating NSW Small Business Month with promotional opportunities for all businesses in the Parramatta Light Rail construction precinct. Take action and get involved in giveaways for your customers, social media campaigns, special offers and more. To get your business involved contact Parramatta Light Rail’s Events and Activations Officer Nicole Andary at Nicole.andary@transport.nsw.gov.au.

Register as a COVID Safe business and let your customers know

Having a sound COVID Safe plan shows customers that you are proactively thinking about the welfare of your staff and customers. Letting customers know that you are a COVID Safe business is a great way to build trust, loyalty and authenticity. You can find out more about this here. Keeping up to date on health-related information will also help you adjust your marketing plan if required to meet new safety requirements.

Capture the attention of customers

The mindset of many people has changed since the pandemic began impacting us earlier this year. In times of uncertainty being agile with your business will enable you to add value, address disruption and express your uniqueness to new and existing customers now and well into the future.

Get started on your Christmas and holiday period marketing plan today by booking a free advisory session with a Realise Business Advisor here.

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