While 2020 might have seemed like a risky year to start up a restaurant, good mates Aladdin Moukhallalati and James Sebastian recognised the potential in Parramatta, launching Three Stacks Burgers on Church Street last December.

They made the right decision with the popular restaurant now ready to feed hungry sports-loving fans each Game Day bringing their modern take on American diner food, including burgers, fries, shakes and more, to a diverse range of customers.

Aladdin believed that the Three Stacks Burgers venture was workable even if local construction work or COVID lockdowns disrupted foot traffic, explaining, “James and I have always been focused on online marketing and generating online sales. In comparison to our other entrepreneurial endeavours, the risks involved in Three Stacks Burgers have been relatively low.”

Working with Tim Noye from Realise Business, James and Aladdin took active steps to build on their flexible business model favouring online sales, creating an agile business arrangement and developing a project to capitalise on a different location asset – proximity to BankWest Stadium.

High Volume in a small outlet

The nature of food and beverage service connected to a sporting event means seizing that busy but time-sensitive window for sales whenever game day is on. Even during the playing season, the catch is that unforeseen events like extreme weather – or pandemic measures – might see that window close down with little notice.

The Three Stacks Burgers premises are small, with space for 14 diners, which is actually great for a lower-risk venture into running an Eat Street restaurant. But capitalising on impending Game Day crowds needed some planning.

Operational planning

They aimed to ensure cost of goods sold and operations are streamlined and cost-effective so that production was as efficient as possible within the space and staff limitations.

Tim suggested adjusting the internal fixtures and operations to suit the current climate and accommodate Game Day by implementing a “quick order” system.

Game Day specials to attract a hungry crowd

Adviser Tim Noye worked with Aladdin and James on making Game Day service a restaurant feature, starting with a special Game Day menu that was prepared for maximum agility, allowing the kitchen to produce high volumes on game day, with operations set up for window-service takeaways and online ordering.

Their new quick order system, dubbed ‘Bun On The Run’ will allow spectators to pre-order classic Three Stacks burgers with limited sides that can be picked up on the way to the game without the need to enter the shop.

The Stacks Burgers, new revenue streams and future plans

Advisor Tim Noye has really enjoyed assisting the business to develop the new ‘Buns on the Run’ product to cater to game day crowds and James and Aladdin are looking forward to Game Day, commenting “Tim has been so great to work with over the past few weeks. We have now opened up a brand-new revenue stream which we hope will increase the business profitability”.

James and Aladdin have strong sales and marketing experience and they will continue to develop new ideas to attract customers. They also have a business plan to make their mark in the diverse food scene and pave the way to become a thriving business franchise that will allow them to expand and give other entrepreneurs opportunity. Their mission is to “provide great tasting American food for those with any type of dietary constraint, whether that be allergies, religious or personal reasons”.

Other businesses

For advice on adapting your Parramatta business to high volume peak events, like Game Day, contact Realise Business today.