What’s Trending | Top 5 automated marketing tools

Automated marketing tools are fast becoming a staple for businesses big and small. These software tools can assist businesses with a number of day-to-day aspects, including email scheduling, pre-set social media posting and tracking client impressions, all of which help to capitalise on sales leads. There’s an overwhelming abundance of programs to pick from, so […]

What’s Trending | Top 5 security and backup tools for your business

Given that many of your important business documents and information will likely be stored on a computer hard drive, it’s imperative to ensure these files are secure. With computer malware, viruses, hacks and breaches becoming more common by the day, the peace of mind that a good security and backup tool brings is unrivalled. Being […]

What’s Trending | Top 5 eCommerce Platforms

With such a large market of online consumers out there, small businesses can be missing out on a lot of potential clients by failing to take advantage of digital retail opportunities (aka eCommerce). Fortunately, the process of creating an online shop is relatively easy thanks to multiple eCommerce platforms that provide users with all the […]

Great online tools to develop & monitor your business plan

More than just a personal guide, an effective business plan will help you prepare and plan for your business. A properly structured plan can also become the centrepiece of a pitch when looking to acquire a bank loan or venture capital. While Realise Business advisors can help you with the elements of your business plan […]

New digital quoting tools that will help build your business

Have you ever sent a quote off and wondered if people have actually looked at it? The good news is that there are a number of innovative new tools that can help you keep track of quotes, boosting your chances of success. We have put together our top five below. Commonly thought of as one […]

5 easy tools to keep on top of what your competitors are up to

Keeping up with the competition has never been easier. Competitors are a fact of life in business. But they can sometimes provide ideas about new ways of doings things or about ways to market your business that you might not have considered. With the emergence of online tools that allow you to track almost every […]

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