How targeted marketing has helped the Parramatta Active Movement Studio grow

With a strong passion for movement, exercise and helping people achieve their full physical function, Mathew and Kyle started Active Movement Studio in the Parramatta CBD. Physiotherapist Mathew, had previously worked in a standard clinic for many years without access to a functioning gym. He realised that he needed to combine his Physiotherapy treatments with […]

Learning how to negotiate to get what you want

For most people the thought of negotiating fills them with dread, especially when it comes to closing that all important deal. But, negotiating pricing, proving your value and timing those discussions are all essential elements for business growth. For master negotiator Sam Trattles it is the thing she loves doing the most. Through her company, […]

How to become an industry “disruptor”

Small to medium enterprise (SME) owners are in the perfect position to shake-up their industry status quo and challenge industry practices. ‘Disruption’ is a current business buzzword and while it shares common characteristics with ‘innovation’, the main distinction is that disruptors strive to turn an industry or traditional service upside down – think Uber, Airbnb […]

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